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Everyone involved in the Sankofa Sessions are very passionate and inspired to be a part of changing the culture and history of the lives of our young people.  We want to be the change that makes a difference. It takes a village.  We have a large community of dedicated educators, artists, healers and practitioners who are at and of service in the spirit of Sankofa.  We are currently  developing a Sankofa Heritage Center that will encompass high education, social enterprise solutions, technology, media development health and wellness while preserving arts, culture and history.



Douglas Stewart aka Pharoah - is an art therapist and spoken word artist who has been teaching African Studies in the Bay Area for more than 25 years.  He is a griot and art activist who brings his lived and spiritual experiences of the African Diaspora in a colorful array of creative storytelling, prose and the arts in order to challenge, heal and elevate community consciousness toward self preservation through self discovery. Douglas is the founder of the Indigenous House Consulting, a collective that specializes in bringing wellness, the arts and cultural programs to the community and abroad. He is currently working on a one-man play and album entitled "Drapetomania:  Spirit with an African Face", while also venturing out into projects in tech, podcast, cannabis and wellness missions abroad.



RaRa Vodu Project
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